World, Meet Harry Styles’ New Sydney Fling

Harry Styles has been spending some time in Sydney recently, with a woman he reportedly enjoyed ‘sexy time’ with, much to the dismay of women throughout the country.

The Mick Jagger-esque stud has kept in touch with Aussie model, Sjana Earp, according to reports, after he’s said to have bought her a McDonalds meal - four years ago.

Under the sea 🐠🐬🐳🐙🦀💙✨

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You may never have heard of her, but the 23-year-old model boasts 1.3 million followers and obviously caught Harry’s eye, with her ridiculously sexy bikini shots.

Seriously, who has legs THAT long?!

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According to NW Magazine, Harry reportedly secretly met up with Sjana on his trip to Australia last week, Harry's keyboard player, Clare Uchima, shared to Instagram a snap of Sjana, 23, in a bar, with the band reportedly staying in the same hotel as Harry, in Sydney.

'Thank you for the best time and helping me stay awake from jet lag,' Clare's post began.

'You are so lovely and kind. Really loved our walk and dinner by the water. And the 3hr (sic) long breakfast,' she added.

This is the second time the pair have met up while Harry was down under, after he famously took her on a date to McDonalds when he was here touring with One Direction in 2013. The Daily Star reports that Sjana wrote online at the time, how great she thought Harry was.

'Harry knows how to make friends; he buys them Maccas. Thanks maaaate (sic).'

'Harry is probably the NICEST person I've ever come across. And it's genuine, which is such an incredible thing to possess these days.'

She added: 'He just has this effect on people. You feel really chilled, friendly and relaxed around him.'

Source: Daily Mail

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