Your First Sneak Peak Of Big Little Lies Season 2 Set

Who’s ready to head back to the beautiful, beachfront and drama filled town of Monterey? We’re just going to assume that that question was met with a resounding ‘YES’ by everyone, but sadly we still have a while off before Big Little Lies season two hits our screens.

The HBO drama series isn’t set to debut until 2019, but to help get us through the long wait until then we’ve got a little sneak peak straight from the set in Los Angeles, California. And boy, oh boy it doesn’t look like they’re going to be skimping out on the drama at all this season!

Reese Witherspoon, who stars as the fiery Madeline Martha Mackenzie in the show, has been spotted filming the show’s second season on Tuesday with newcomer and acting royalty, Meryl Streep.

In season two, Meryl plays Mary Louise Wright, the mother of Perry Wright who not only portrayed the resident villain in Season One who abused his wife Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and raped single mum Jane Chapman (Shailene Woodly), but was also killed in the big murder mystery at the end.

Streep’s character arrives in the town of Monterey after the death of her son. And well, we don’t think that Meryl and Reese’s characters are going to get on two well in this season at all…

Witherspoon was seen on set dressed to the nines in a floral top, black skirt and heels doing her usual Madeline Martha Mackenzie thing…being a little bit of a hot head. In the scene, Reese was photographed throwing a massive ice-cream cone at an oblivious Meryl’s back!!

Kathryn Newton, who plays Witherspoon’s eldest daughter in the series, Abigail, was also in the scene and watched on completely shocked as her on-screen mother hurled the dessert at Meryl, who was dressed in a brown coat, oversized sunglasses and jeans and seemed completely oblivious to the frozen treat headed her way.

But thankfully it looks like all of the drama stays on set and doesn’t translate off camera as Golden Globe-winning actress Meryl Streep recently told ET that she loved working with all of the girls on Big Little Lies.

“It’s fantastic. I love having the girls as my boss because they understand,” she said about Kidman and Witherspoon, who are both executive producers on the show. “We have lots of big, fabulous, drunken meals together.”

Big Little Lies season two returns in 2019 with no exact date set as of yet and we seriously cannot wait! Bring on the drama!

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