11 Things We Learned About Halsey At iHeartRadio LIVE


1. Halsey is ALL about her fans

Halsey has got some seriously hardcore fans. They came out in force for their girl at KIIS Presents iHeartRadio LIVE with Halsey powered by Optus at Sydney's The Red Rattler Theatre on Wednesday August 2, 2017, armed with her both her incredible albums Hopeless Fountain Kingdom and her debut Badlands

The queue started hours before the gig began, stretching around the corner and they hung on her every word. 


She happily hugged fans and posed for photos.


Some fans even traveled 12 hours and had no sleep for 48 hours just to be there and see Halsey's stunning performance (and it was totally worth it!). 

2. She gives it her everything 

The iHeartRadio LIVE audience were in for a real treat. It was no boring set. Each song came with a story and Halsey shared some very personal meanings to her songs.


3. An awesome impression of Sia is her party trick 

The crowd erupted when she done her impression of the singer!

4. Her friend’s opinions mean a lot to her

During a fan Q&A, Halsey revealed she has a close friend whom she shares all her new songs with first. She is the first audience, and then it’s to everyone, including Uber drivers!


5. Australia has a special place in her heart

She revealed that she’s been enjoying her time in Sydney, even finding time to hit up a rave!


6. She is one charming lady 

It’s all anyone could talk about. Between chatting to fans, answering questions and opening up about the personal meaning to her music, this gal sure knows how to work a crowd.

7. She has thee most beautiful smile

That could light up any room!


8. She doesn’t normally drink

During promo tour, Halsey usually doesn’t drink alcohol, but she took a drink during her set at iHeartRadio LIVE.

9. She is a mama’s girl

In an interview with TV host Danny Clayton, she opened up about all the lessons she learnt from her mother, what music she grew up listening to and why she says her mum is much cooler than her!


10. She has bucket loads of sass

Make no mistake, Halsey has fire and talent to burn and she’s made that clear throughout her whole career. Ain’t nobody gon’ hold this girrrl back.


11. Halsey is a really good sport

Danny and her played a game of Would You Rather. He put some very interesting questions to the Now or Never singer. Watch here to find out if she picked having vagina ears or penis fingers….


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