Can We Please Talk About Jared Leto's #iHeartFestival Outfit

Thirty Seconds to Mars headed to Las Vegas this weekend to perform during the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

The band certainly did not disappoint with their set as frontman Jared Leto went into the crowd to sing with his fans, and also pulling them on stage during one gigantic dance party (talk about FOMO). 

But there is one subject we cannot ignore, and it is Jared's GLORIOUS outfit. 

Holy guacamole there's A LOT to unpack here. Let's dissect this magnificent ensemble shall we?

Where oh where to begin?

Oh, how about with these GOLD SEQUIN LEGGINGS! Where can I find these??


Moving on... what about these SPARKLY SILVER SHOES?


Then, we have this FRINGED COLOURFUL RAINBOW PONCHO... with a goddamned TIGER on the front. A TIGER.

It feels very Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. But we DIG IT.


And let's not ignore the shimmery pink shirt underneath... 


Jared Leto is literally walking around now, just whispering - "you're welcome".


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