WATCH: 5 Seconds of Summer Answer YOUR Questions

When we announced that we would be interviewing 5 Seconds of Summer at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and needed questions, you wholeheartedly delivered. 

We received over 3,000 incredible questions. However, this also proved to be a big challenge. How were we supposed to only pick a few? As a result, we asked Calum, Ashton, Michael and Luke to pick their favourites to answer (... and even they commented on how unique they were)!

It's true - they carefully made their way through each and every one of the tweets in response to ours...

Pretty impressive, huh?

So, if you asked a question that wasn't answered, let us assure you that the boys did see it (and probably loved it)!

But, for now... did they pick one of your questions to read out? 

Watch the raw and unedited video above to find out!

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