GALLERY: iHeartCountry Album Release Party With Dan & Shay

We were lucky enough to host Dan & Shay's iHeartCountry Album Release Party the evening before their self-titled LP's official release. 

The guys told iHeartRadio that they had narrowed down their eleven-song track list from between 200 and 300 songs, and that they are "the most special songs [they've] ever recorded." Dan + Shay explains, "We're so proud of our album that's coming out. It's our self-titled album. It's our third record. We feel like at this point we've put out a few albums, we've put a bunch of singles out on country radio, and we've kind of figured out who Dan + Shay really [are]. So that's why we decided to call it a self-titled album. These 11 songs are so representative of where we are in our lives, where we've been in our lives, and we're so proud to get it out to the fans. This feels really special to us."

Shay adds, "Dan and I have both come a long ways, not only in our professional life, but in our personal life as well. We've both recently gotten married and that's definitely put new inspiration into our music. There [are] songs on there that are definitely inspired by our wives, and the life that we live now."

Check out our gallery above for exclusive pics from the show! 

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