GALLERY: Album Release Party With Florence + The Machine

Florence + the Machine stopped by the iHeartRadio Theatre to treat some lucky fans to a special intimate show.

The crowd vibed out to Florence’s melodic voice singing along to a few of her latest and best hits.

The setlist included:



Shake it Out


Ship to Wreck 

Dog Days Are Over

High As Hope
 marks the group's 4th studio album as well as Florence Welch's debut as co-producer. She truly outdid herself with tonight's performance so much so that tears of joy streamed throughout the crowd. 

The quick moments between songs as the crowd listened to Florence’s soft voice were the most shocking of all. With such a strong and passionate voice, one would not presume a shy personality to follow. However, the Cosmic Love singer commented many times about her slight stage fright. 

"Sorry I just get nervous at these things. You wouldn’t think I was a shy person but I am. I just get totally terrified," she admitted to the crowd. 

Could have fooled us. Just watching Florence perform tonight, we were overcome with a radiant power flowing through the room. Not many can grace a stage this way, let alone own it, as she does.

When speaking with listeners, a fan who recently saw Florence perform in Brooklyn said that they were surprised how someone could have the ability to perform the same song in a new way each time. Another fan who has been following the band's career for years recently discovered that Florence is her third cousin. She was so happy to have gotten tickets to the show tonight as it was her opportunity to give the singer a special handwritten letter. 

After the performance, listeners were greeted with an intimate Q&A session with Florence. When asked about her level of confidence, she admitted that it's all in the music. "I would say [I'm confident] musically, yes. I was definitely in a space where I felt- you know it was the fourth album and the last three I felt, they went okay. So I was like 'okay I really feel like I know what kind of music it is that I like, that I want to make.'"

Florence then went on to add that although she's completely terrified of sharing her pain with the world, she's healed from it and is not ashamed of her feelings. 

"[I'm] definitely writing from a calmer perspective. It was easier to look at really painful stuff. When you're in that pain, it's almost too hard because you have such tunnel vision and you don't know how you're going to get out and everything is so confusing. But when you are in a more peaceful place it's actually easier to offer it up and be like 'this is what happened. I'm a bit further away from it now.'"

When asked about her best memory so far from her tour, Florence said it's only one thing that keeps her going - the love of the crowd. "It's a really active show and I really try to get everyone to engage with each other and be present. Everyone wore their heart on their sleeve. It was kind of a really profound experience in a period of time when I think people can feel really disconnected...I'm so grateful to look out and see everyone holding hands and telling each other that they love each other." 

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