GALLERY: iHeartRadio Release Party With Three Days Grace

With 14 No. 1 active rock singles in history under their belt, Three Days Grace is a force to be reckoned with, and we were lucky enough to host their iHeartRadio album release party live from New York City.

iHeartRadio's Abby Krizner asked the Canadian band why they were so intent on seeking out a new environment to write and record Outsider.

"We've done almost every one of our records at our rehearsal spot in downtown Toronto," said guitarist Barry Stock. "We wanted to go to a place that was peaceful with campfires and stuff (laughs)."

Drummer Neil Sanderson elaborated that before a song makes a Three Days Grace album, the band determines how the song would work on one guitar around a campfire.

"No matter how heavy the song is we’ve always had this process of breaking it down to one acoustic guitar and one vocal," he said. "We record it like that and then we go to bed…if it still sounds good [when we wake up], then it’s probably a pretty good song."

Check out the full gallery above! 

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