Some Legend Just Brightened Up THAT Game of Thrones Episode

It was called 'The Long Night', but fans complained that the latest Game of Thrones episode was literally too dark to see anything.

Sure, while the more naturalistic-looking scenes added to the sheer terror of not being able to see the enemy, it was a relief when Melisandre got fully pyro, lighting up the screen so we could actually follow the story.

However, it seems someone is, in fact, doing the Lord’s work.

Brightened-up scenes are beginning to show up on YouTube, and gird your loins, you’re about to realise how much detail you really missed.

Firstly, those scenes involving clouds, snow and fast-moving dragons. UGH.

Here’s what really happened…

But it’s the scenes from in the crypts that you really get a proper sense of what was going on, particularly when they stopped being the safest place in Winterfell…

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