Who Is Granger Smith's Alter Ego?

If there's anything you should know about Earl Dibbles Jr., it's that he a) loves his country; b) loves babes; and c) one day plans on sending a man to the sun.

Ahead of this year's CMC Rocks festival  where the real Granger Smith will be performing  we thought we'd take a look at the singer's hilarious overalls-wearing alter ego, Earl Dibbles Jr. 

Back in March 2016, the singer explained to Rolling Stone the purpose of his alternate stage-persona.

"The blurrier we can make those lines, the better," he said. "If it's a strict black and white — Earl and Granger — then it doesn't connect the dots. And the whole purpose of Earl is to connect the dots back to Granger. It wasn't to create a separate entity, a separate figure that had a separate following. The whole purpose was, it's all one big following."

And it's worked for him, too. The singer, 37, attracted an entirely new lot of fans by experimenting with "country boy" Earl on YouTube. However, he admits that he still has to be aware of the fine line between mocking and impersonating, "There are people that are just like Earl. We grew up hearing these stories, and that's why it was so easy to slide into the character. Of course, he's over the top but he's very similar to some people we know."

Check out Earl Dibbles Jr's ode to America:

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Source: Rolling Stone

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