Ron Burgundy Learns About Past Lives, Ghosts & More

Ron Burgundy got spiritual on the latest episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast." The anchorman learned all about past lives, ghosts and more from his special guest, psychic Laura Powers.

But, before he talked to Powers, he decided to share some horoscopes. So if you're wondering what your horoscope said, based on your astrological sign, see below (sorry, Sagittarius, Cancer & Leo).

Taurus: "Your horoscope is, come on, pull your s*** together."

Capricorn: "You have a serious drug problem and you need to kick it buster."

Aries: "Drink more water. Your body is 99% liquid. You need it. But try to stay away from the bottled water. We were having an intense discussion earlier today with the crew. Drink more water. In fact, drink and on occasion if you can, if you can think of it, this is what I do on occasion for maximum health benefits, drink your own urine. That's for all the horoscopes."

Libra: "Open up a checking account overseas, deposit the money you stole discretely and never look back. You know what I'm talking about. Quit shaking your head at me. Don't talk to me like that. Come on, Libra."

Pisces: "You look good. Really good."

Gemini: "Talk to the twin that lives in your neck and make sure you're at peace. Being a Gemini is a serious medical condition."

Sagittarius: "Blah, blah, blah."

Cancer: "Blah, blah, blah."

Leo: "Leo, who cares? What's left? Nope, I think that covers it."

Virgo: "You should be sensitive to time management."

After horoscopes, Burgundy and Carolina welcomed special guest and psychic (and also pet psychic), Laura Powers (no relation to Austin Powers). Laura is "somewhat telepathic" and "receives information through thoughts and can sometimes get other people's thoughts."

Ron wanted to know everything about ghosts and everything about what psychics like Laura encounter. First of all, he learned that ghosts do speak their respective languages. For example, a ghost in France would speak French.

Secondly, even though someone may have died in their old age, their ghost may present themselves as their younger selves. Laura explained, "When you're on the other side, you can actually present yourself however you want to. So when I'm connecting with the spirit on the other side, they may not look like when they passed. So, they may have been a grandmother and they're showing themselves as a 20 year old."

Powers then explained that she can access people's past lives. She said, "I can look at things from other historic periods, but it wasn't like me in this body doing that."

Find out what else Ron learned from Laura in the latest episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast" on iHeartRadio.

Article: Taylor Fields

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