Ron Burgundy Takes You Inside His Haunted Garage

Halloween may be six months away, but the latest episode of "The Ron Burgundy Podcast" might just have you a little spooked out.

The studio where Burgundy typically records his podcast has been under renovation, and most recently deemed a "crime scene" after the construction workers discovered a human skull in the wall. Because of this, the anchorman has been recording his podcast at his house ... and in his garage since his living room flooded after forgetting to turn off the bath tub (again). And in case you didn't already know, Ron's garage is haunted.

For this new episode of the podcast, Burgundy, Carolina and crew were recording in his haunted garage at midnight. The topic of the podcast this week was supposed to be "men in the military," but things went south after Ron began to hear the voice of the ghost haunting his garage. This ghost believed that Burgundy is its baby, and said things to him like, "You're my baby" and "I'm going to push you around in a stroller and everyone's going to compliment you on how big and plump you are."

Burgundy's response was to keep telling the ghost "No!" and, as you can image, the ghost didn't like that very much, and decided to send an ice jackal as punishment. It was fight or flight for Ron at that point, and he chose flight as he then fled the garage to hide somewhere in his house for safety. Afterwards, Carolina and crew went to look for him, and eventually found him in his bathroom.

In case you're wondering what Ron's house looks like, please read Carolina's description:

"Right now, we're in his rec room. Just to describe, it's a poster of Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Tiegs on the wall, an Atari game set up. Mostly ... a lot of animal hides, some knives thrown into the wall, a sign that says, 'No girls allowed,' which is really mature, a Maxim Top 100 list ripped out with X's next to some names. This is a really unprofessional episode, and I apologize for that. Okay, let's go to his bedroom. This is a place I promised my therapist I would never go ... Oh, hi Baxter. Okay, we're looking at a four-post bed, mostly furs, some erotic Japanese art on the wall, a mirror on the ceiling. Inexplicably, there is a leather horse saddle on the floor of his room. Let's just walk past that. We don't really need to investigate."

Finally, after a shower, Ron rejoined the group and they continued the podcast from Burgundy's guest room. And while Carolina and the crew didn't see anything in the garage, Ron claims that he definitely saw the "8 foot" ice jackal. "Denial is a much easier path to take when you've witnessed something beyond recognition. Something you're soul will never process. [An] 8 foot ice jackal," he explained.

Here are Ron's final thoughts on his scary evening: "Whether you've seen a ghost or had to admit to a ghost that you are the ghost's baby, there's only one thing that matters in life, and that's that no one is going to stop to wipe your a**. You're just going to have to wipe your own with a smile. This is Ron Burgundy saying no one, and I repeat, no one puts ice jackal in the corner."

Article: Taylor Fields

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