Niall Horan Opens Up About His Struggles With Anxiety

Niall Horan has come a long way since his audition in 2012 for the UK X Factor.

The ex-One Direction superstar has just released his first solo album Flicker on 20 October and will be bringing his soulful voice down under in June.

On Brisbane's 973fm with Bianca, Terry and Bob this morning, the superstar was asked the tough question.

“One in three of your fans will be struggling with mental health issues,” co-host Bianca Dye said, “Does Niall Horan get anxiety?”

“Yeh of course. Every now and then I get a little bit [of anxiety] and I used to never get anything at all," he said."I used to be like ‘I don’t believe that anxiety thing. What’s everybody banging on about?’ and then I got it a couple of times and went oh jeezus.”

“I tend to get it a lot around stage time and I start freaking out with TV shows and stuff but you kind of breathe your way out of it.”

Niall uses the box breathing technique which is: "Breathe in for four, breathe out for four and hold your breath for four".

Niall also revealed that his ex-bandmate Zayn suffered anxiety also, and this came from not having his 1D band around him.

“Zayn would have struggled with it because he liked having us next to him on stage, which took some of the [pressure off]…when you don’t like it being all about you and you’ve got other people around you, it’s kind of easier to go on stage.”  

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